Salt Lake City Food Spots

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Salt Lake City Food Spots

Salt Lake City is home to a plethora of food spots, but what are the best? Restaurants and bakeries range from rustic, to upscale, to street fair, to artsy. Salt Lake City’s eclectic and fun appeal attracts food lovers from around the world.

Here are some of the top Salt Lake City food spots.

  • Jazz Capitol. Jazz Capitol is an eclectic jazz eatery with an out-of-this-world menu. On this bustling street, you’ll find jazz, blues, soul, funk, R&B, soul, disco, folk, and rock. This eclectic eatery is a one-stop-shop for any music lover in the mood for a delectable brunch or lunch. A trip to Jazz Capitol is sure to leave you hungry for more.
  • Old School Bakery. Not your grandfather’s pastries and sandwiches? Old School Bakery is a bright and modern take on American cuisine and a perfect place to chill with friends after a concert or play.
  • Bragg’s Brewhouse. Offering an international selection of craft beers, Bragg’s Brewhouse has become a Utah favorite. Lunch and dinner entrees are served from a wine and cheese bar, so your meal will be full of flavor.
  • Seaboard Kitchen. While it may sound like the latest trend, Seaboard Kitchen is really the ultimate destination in Salt Lake City for exquisite American cuisine.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings. From the most famous chicken chain in the nation to an eatery that serves breakfast tacos and burgers, the creative menu at Buffalo Wild Wings is something you won’t want to miss. For non-buffalo fans, one of the restaurant’s other mouth-watering offerings is the Red Lobster.
  • The Hawaiian Steakhouse. Known for its upscale casual dining and impeccable service, The Hawaiian Steakhouse offers excellent Hawaiian fare and nightly performances by jazz legend, Chet Baker.
  • Chef Jose. While this upscale restaurant specializes in Spanish and Italian fare, Chef Jose offers a complete array of dishes that are perfect for any taste.
  • La Sonora. This Culinary Arts-themed restaurant offers traditional Mexican fare as well as eclectic art inspired food.
  • Culinary Arts. With its innovative twists on classic dishes, The Culinary Arts serves up fusion cuisine and open-minded cuisine.
  • Masa Fusion. Masa Fusion’s New American entrees are made with all-natural ingredients and have been marinated overnight in lime, cilantro, and other exotic spices. This eatery offers an extensive bar menu as well.

Each of these Salt Lake City food spots offers interesting, different flavors of American cuisine.

As you venture into Utah, be sure to find a favorite food spot and fill up on a tasty, home cooked meal.

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