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Be Principled

Why do I need values and principles in my life?

Human nature dictates the need for values and principles in our lives. Our very human existence is value-laden. Because we’re human, we have human qualities that exude values. For instance, we don’t need to be told that cannibalism is wrong because humans have an innate value regarding human life. Our values reflect our personhood, first and foremost, and exist within us naturally unless we act consistently (perhaps addictively) to alter those values. While values are innate to what it means to be a human being, principles are learned and valued through human experience. For instance, conservatism is a political philosophy based on the prudent learning of human experience. Those lessons, wisely learned, become the principles of conservatism, such as an appreciation for limited government.

What principles should I choose to guide my life?

If you choose to live as a citizen in a free society, there are seven principles that most effectively create freedom for individuals, families and communities:

  • Family as the fundamental unit of society
  • Religion as the moral compass of a free society
  • Charity as the origin of a caring community
  • Private property as the cornerstone of economic progress
  • Free markets as the engine of economic opportunity
  • Personal responsibility as the basis of self-government
  • Limited government as a reflection of good government

This set of seven guiding principles will keep people free if they adhere to them. Click on the links on the left side of this page to read about these and other foundational principles.

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