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How do I become a delegate?

Being elected a delegate is easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you out.

Who can be a delegate?

In order to be a delegate you must

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be 18 years old or older by the date of the general election
  • Live in the precinct you represent

If you are running for a Republican delegate position, you must be a registered Republican. If you have not already registered as a party member, you can do so at the precinct caucus.

How do I become a delegate?

  1. Find what precinct you live in and where the caucus will be held.
  • Click here or call your county elections office to find your precinct.
  • Contact your party to find out your precinct location

Utah State Democratic Party
Utah State Republican Party

  • Caucus location information is also advertised in major newspapers a few days before caucuses
  1. Bring neighbors to the precinct caucus to vote for you
    • This is SUPER important if you want to be a delegate. Caucus attendance varies from 0-200 people depending on your precinct. The more supporters you have there, the better.
  1. Arrive 10-20 minutes early
    • Use this time to introduce yourself to your neighbors you may not already know and kiss some babies. Remember, you are running for office.
    • Make sure to ask your supporters to arrive early and bring photo ID with them.
  1. Ask someone to nominate you
    • After party business is taken care of, the caucus host will ask for nominees. Make sure you have asked someone to nominate you. If no one nominates you, you can nominate yourself.
    • Be prepared to speak and answer questions
  • Plan for 1-2 minutes.
  • Talk about why you would like to be a delegate.
  • Read your party’s platform (Democratic Party platform is here; click here for the Republican Party) and mention the parts you are passionate about.
  • Promise to take the time needed to evaluate the candidates and select the best one to represent your precinct.
  • Mention your criteria for evaluating candidates.
  • Don’t endorse specific candidates. The best thing you can do for your precinct is to give everyone a fair chance.
  • Ask for their vote.
  • Practice beforehand.
  • Keep it brief and to the point.

If I’m elected a delegate, what will I have to do?

Delegates serve two-year terms. Each year you are asked to attend one convention (your party’s county convention if you are a county delegate, or your party’s state convention if you are a state delegate).

In the first year of your term, you will attend the state or county nominating convention where you will select party nominees for the primary or general election. In preparation for this convention you will need to meet with the candidates (don’t worry, they will seek you out) and decide who will best represent you, your neighborhood precinct and your values.

In the second year of your term you will attend the state or county organizing convention. In this convention, you will elect party officials, discuss the party platform and conduct other party business.

Each of these conventions lasts several hours and is either held on a weekday evening or Saturday morning. Make sure that you will be available to attend these conventions if you want to be a delegate. You will not be able to vote if you do not attend the convention.

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