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Be Influential

Engage from a sound foundation

Working from a solid foundation based on proven principles, civility and accurate information can help you be a positive influence for good in Utah. You can then put your solid foundation to good use just by trying out some of the suggestions listed below and to the left.


For humans to live peacefully together in community, we need to work together to find solutions that lead to a better life for all of us. This means we need to listen. We need the insights, perspective, research, data, experience and wisdom of both those who agree and those who disagree with us.

In politics and public policy, the vast majority of people you interact with share your big-picture goals. We all want to be happy. We all want safe homes, neighborhoods and communities. We all want to be able to provide for our loved ones. We all want to have a fair opportunity to succeed. Of course, we can and do disagree about how to accomplish these universal aspirations, and that’s where listening, civility, debate, teamwork, reason and compromise come into play.

Contact your elected officials

Use this form to contact your state elected officials. The closer public servants are to you, the more direct influence you can have on them. That’s why focusing on your local and state leaders is so effective.

Share your ideas

What are you working on? What concerns or excites you? What’s working or not working? What are you hearing and seeing? How can we help? How can we work together? Head over to the Idea Box to let us know.

Speak out

Write a letter to the editor; post on Facebook or Twitter; contribute to a blog or write your own; call or write emails or letters to your local, state and federal elected officials. And remember, do your best to be civil!

Commit to learning

Continue to work at understanding principles and keeping up with current issues. This might seem overwhelming, but your knowledge will grow by spending just a few minutes each day perusing the news or reading more deeply. Find the local newspapers in your area. Talk to family and friends about what they’ve read. Below are some suggested reading sources (this list is by no means comprehensive):

News sites Research/Commentary Recommended books
Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune

Wall Street Journal

The Economist

New York Times
Heritage Foundation

National Review

American Enterprise Institute

The Weekly Standard

Imprimis, Hillsdale College

Family in America
Economics in One Lesson

The Road to Serfdom

The Politics of Prudence

Freedom and Virtue

The American Cause

The Quest for Community

On Ordered Liberty

The Conservative Mind

Sign up to receive helpful newsletters and information

Many groups are putting out great information, which can be sent straight to your inbox. We share a weekly newsletter with thousands of Utahns across the state, helping our friends to stay informed about Utah policy and issues facing our state. The newsletter is also an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. You can sign up using the form below.

Attend meetings and events

Meeting people face to face is a great way to build relationships and understanding. It’s easier to be civil when you know someone. Go to a policy forum, cottage meeting, debate, city council meeting, state legislative committee hearing, county commission meeting, school board meeting or town hall. Support a candidate of your choice by volunteering your time.

Track legislation

Whether it’s an ordinance your city is considering or a bill in the Utah Legislature, you can keep tabs on what your elected officials are working on. Click here to learn about critical bills before the Utah Legislature. Your city and county websites will have information about proposed changes for those jurisdictions. Many groups also pay close attention to legislation that may affect their constituents or members.

Join groups that advocate for your values

There are many groups across Utah focusing on a wide variety of issues. If you like what Sutherland and the Utah Citizen Network are working for, we hope you will join us. Either way, lending support to an organized group is a great way to make an impact.

Become a delegate

Learn about Utah’s Caucus System, what delegates are and how to become a delegate.

Share your time, talents, financial support

If you have time, consider working with Sutherland Institute and the Utah Citizen Network or any other group you believe in. Share your skills and talents in making Utah a better place.

If you don’t have time but would like to do something, you can provide financial support. We greatly appreciate the financial support we receive from Utahns across the state. We owe our success to the generosity of Utahns who share their many talents and resources with us.

Talk with family and friends

Utah, our country and the world are facing serious issues. Talk these over with your family and friends. What do they think? What insights can you share? What action can you take to help your family, friends and community?

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