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About UCN – Politics and Policy for beginners and veterans

In two words, Utah Citizen Network (UCN) is “Citizenship Simplified.” Whether you are just beginning to learn about policy and politics or you are a seasoned veteran, UCN is great resource to help you build a solid foundation based on principles, civility, understanding and action – and have a fun time doing it!

You can learn the basics, go more in depth and then take short quizzes to earn points to become Governor of Freedomville!

Leading Utah’s Freedom Movement, UCN is a group of Utahns who work together to make Utah a great place to live, work and raise a family. We do this by becoming better educated about: the principles that should guide us; how to use civility to engage in the policy and political processes; the issues that concern us at the local and state level; and how to be a positive part of the process so we can be influential in creating change in our communities and state.

A project of Sutherland Institute, UCN seeks to work with all Utahns of good will who believe conservative principles can most effectively lead to solutions to the issues of our time. UCN is a resource to empower citizens to work individually and together to create and implement these solutions. We do this through education, communication and collaboration.

UCN is a fully functioning and engaging tool even as we work through minor bugs in this beta testing stage. We are continually adding increased functionality and content in an effort to educate and inspire Utahns to create positive change. We hope you will work with us to make this site as useful and effective as possible.

Getting started: A short tutorial about using the UCN site

Click here to watch a short video that will guide you through all you can learn and do with the Utah Citizen Network site.

What is Freedomville?

Freedomville is a game on UCN designed to help you learn and take action. Please click here to go to the Freedomville page to learn all about it!

What is Sutherland Institute?

Ed Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, called Sutherland Utah’s premier conservative public policy think tank. Working closely with dedicated lawmakers and citizen allies, we are very successful in getting sound public policy passed in Utah. Why? Because we believe Utahns should have the best quality of life and most freedom possible, and that their elected officials should be accountable, transparent, effective and efficient with taxpayer dollars.

We use seven governing principles to guide our efforts as we educate Utahns and public servants; write public policy; work with elected officials and our grassroots network to get legislation passed; and fight against poor public policy.

We are nonpartisan. That means we do not support political candidates from any party, nor do we engage in party politics. It also means we commend and/or criticize elected officials of all parties based on the merits of their actions, not their party affiliation.

We are the creators of the Utah Citizen Network. We created UCN as a resource to all Utahns of good will to help them make a positive difference in their homes, neighborhoods, communities, state and nation. Please head to Sutherland’s main site to read more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

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